Feb 222015

This site is about the newly discovered rare Canadian Gem and Energy Stone Auralite-23 Crystal known as “A New Stone of The New Consciousness”.

Auralite-23 website represents exclusive Crystal Auralite-23 distribution in New Zealand. We are pleased to introduce “AAA” Graded Hand Mined Auralite-23 Crystals and finished High Quality Products from Auralite Amethyst Mine located North of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, where heavenly and earthly energies meet together, energy of pure nature that never been experienced anywhere else on Earth. These energies are vibrating at the highest level of all times. Auralite-23 Crystal is part of the Sacred Geometry of the Earth’s Core and the New as One Light frequencies. Auralite-23 Crystal is a new crystal for Code Clearing, DNA Healing and Cellular Activation. It is the Stone of Awakening on every level. The metaphysical properties of natural crystal combinations like the Super 7, are taken to another level with this new find from Northern Canada. See menu on the right hand side for more details about Auralite-23.

You can choose from a variety of high quality finished Auralite-23 products such as bracelets, pendants, donuts, pendulums, pyramids, hexagonal obelisks, massage wands as well as Auralite-23 tumbled stones, natural wands, crystal points, terminations, clusters just to name a few. Please visit our Auralite-23 Online Store and feel free to request more info about Auralite-23 Crystals and products and/or make an order by filling in the contact form at “Contact Us” page.

We ship to New Zealand, Australia, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries including Europe and USA (shipping fee options will be shown on checkout page). All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. We accept payments in NZ Dollars as well as in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

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